Advertise Your Business

Directory entrys are £26 a year or £0.50 a week

  Business directories sections will be put in place as advertisers are booked .

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Business Directory Entry Standard Price

£26 per year

This price is for a standard business directory entry (full page width Laptop/desktop). Optimized for mobile as well by our Hosts.

This also includes any Temporary offers you have for our Discounts page (must be at least 10% off)

This includes free publicity of any charity or Non-profit making events on any of our Facebook pages.

Scarborough Advertiser dedicated to the promotion of Scarborough. We are also not for profit til at least end of 2019.

Pay for 2019 and get 2018 for HALF PRICE
Website Address (if available)
Telephone Number

Once purchased we will contact you for any details we may need. Your advert will be produced with website/facebook page details(if applicable) within 7 days. Or you can call us 01262 722101

Details on your Directory entry can be changed anytime.